Friday, 10 February 2012

where to start?

Due to the fact I've just created myself a new blog, I'm sat here thinking, where do I start? In terms of what photographs to use, do I upload my old work or do I start a fresh and only start uploading recent work and focus on upcoming projects rather than going over old photographs? Seeing as I'm basically asking myself these questions on my laptop screen I've came to a conclusion... I'm going to upload just some of my old work, just to get me started off with this blog, then just go from there.

1. This photograph was taken during a day of fishing with a group of friends, might be cheesey but I like it, it's sweet.

This is my 6 year old sister, Lily May, I took this when I was assigned to a project at college which went by the title of "Time", so I decided to focus on this time in her life where she is slowly managing to grow up a little bit.

3. Just for a mini college brief which allowed us to take photographs of the scenery around Newcastle.

During an open training session at St. James' Park I took the opportunity to take some shots of the Newcastle United players, this being my favourite obviously, Danny Guthrie.

5. This was taken in the winter of 2010, thought I would make the most of the scenery while it lasted. 

6. I took this photograph for a 'winter fashion' project for college, model - Molly Wood.

I don't want to go into much detail about each individual image as these are pieces of work from the past, but anything I upload from now on will be fully explained in a lot more detail, I just wanted to get some of my old work on here to get me started off with this blog. But from the photographs above it's quite clear to see my work varies from one subject to the other, or it has done. Recently I've been trying to tell stories in my work, which some of these images do, and some don't, but I like for there to be a meaning behind a photograph. I believe photography is a great way of story telling, I like to look at images that makes me think a little, which is something I would like to inject into my own work, something that makes people think.

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