Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a tea party with Lily May...

During my latest photography unit at college we have been learning a little bit about photo manipulation and were given the task to edit a single person into the same shot at least 3 times. Usually when I get an idea in my head I stick to it and try my up most to see through that idea, and when I first received the brief for this college unit the first thing I thought was "maybe I could make my little sister have a tea party... with herself". So the idea stuck, thankfully the mother was a fan of the idea when I told her my plans, so she jumped on board and helped hugely with setting up the shot, buying props and all the rest of it (so, thanks mam). But after hours of setting up, hundreds of photos and endless editing, this was the final outcome. 

By the time I actually got round to taking all the photos it took in order to get this final piece, (which was hours!) the sun had gone down meaning the natural light just wasn't the same making it impossible to shoot anymore, but I would like to revisit this and add to it so that I have a body of work rather than just a single image on this subject, feedback would be fan-dabby-dosey.